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Privacy policy, updated to 2505/2018
Art. 13, UE regulation 2016/679 (GDPR)

Orange srl is committed in safeguarding of customers personal data acquired in our hotel and on websites and
Personal data processing is inspired on principles of lawfulness, fairness and transparency and performed according to terms and conditions of this privacy policy we invite you to read with care. It contains relevant information why and how we process your personal data and shows your rights about this processing.
We inform you that this policy is applied only on activities on our website and doesn’t apply on personal data collected from links on external sites. We invite you to read them privacy policy about data processing.

1) Holder and responsible for processing
Orange srl, via Pontano 61, 80122, Napoli, VAT number 08076531212, is the holder and responsible for data processing (later the Holder). Data processing could be performed from third persons on behalf of the Holder, persons appointed from the Holder in-writing as Responsible with tasks and limits.
Any request or info due this privacy policy please contact

2) Collected data typology and legal basis of processing
At the hotel (or on website) will be collected contact data (name, surname, address, e-mail, phone number) communicated voluntarily with contact form to order product, make reservations, events request and any other issue related our commercial activity. We could ask your tax data (tax number, vat number…) and bank data (credit card number) to manage payment. These data are processed for the specific objective for which are collected (reply to requests, orders processing, issuing invoices, payment management) manually and/or by computer and communication tools in way to guarantee safety, integrity and privacy under the existing provisions.
Our website collects several categories of personal data:
a) Browsing data (IP address, browser, parameters of device used, ISP, date and time, origin and exit web pages of referral).
These data are collected and used in anonymous way and aggregate for statistic objective to permit correct functioning and safety of web site.
Processing this type of data is permitted for the legitimate interest of the Holder and doesn’t need of your consent
b) On website there are some functionalities to communicate with us, to submit curriculum and use our services. To use these functionalities, we will request your contact data (name, surname and mail address) and eventually your tax data (tax number, vat number…) and bank data (credit card number) for online orders. These data are processed for the specific objective for which are collected (reply to requests, marketing, staff selection, issuing invoices, payment management) manually and/or by computer and communication tools in way to guarantee safety, integrity and privacy under the existing provisions.

These data conferment above listed is optional and processing is founded on your consent. Your refuse to provide these data has not consequences even to browse on our website but doesn’t permit to provide you the request service
c) Website uses cookies, little text files that help to collect and save information about consumer preferences. For further information please read our cookies policy
d) Website includes plug-in and/or buttons for social network (Facebook, twitter and Instagram ) to sharing content easily trough users social networks.
Plug-in are programmed to not set any cookie at access of web site page.
Cookies are enabled only with your voluntary consent at plug-in activation.
Keep in mind that browse on the site when logged on social network your consent for cookies use is already expressed.
Info collection and use by plug-in are regulated by social network privacy policy you can refer:

– Facebook – (

– Twitter (

– Instagram – (

You can freely choose which cookies give consent choosing your preferred option on your browser in settings at following links ;

Safari: (

Google Chrome: (

Mozilla Firefox: (

Internet Explorer: (

Personal data collected in our hotel and on website are destined to management bodies of the Holder, administrative staff, communication staff and system managers of the Holders and more in general to all person responsible, designated
and in charge for the data processing instructed from the Holders.
Data could be communicated to third party that providing external service for website management, market research, technical services providers, mail carriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies which performing profiling activities.

Your data could be transferred abroad in compliance with the provisions of legislation in force also for the country no UE members. Transfer in countries no UE members, apart from cases where is guaranteed for equity laws from European Commission it’s done in the way to provide adequate and proper guarantees.

Finally, we inform you data collected will never be released and will never be the object for public communication without your explicit consent, except necessary communications may involve data transfer to public authorities, counselors or other subject for fulfillment of legal obligations.

Personal data collected will be stored in a way to permit identification of the interested persons for a time not longer for fulfilment of the purposes of data processing. Contact details for market purposes will be stored until you communication for cancellation from the service. Commercial transactions data will be stored for the timer required form the legislation about accounting records.
For further information about data storage contact

We inform you following rights are recognized:
– Right to ask access to your personal data, to modify or remove it or put limit for processing or oppose to processing
– Right for data portability
– Right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority (AUTORITA’ GARANTE PER LA PROTEZIONE DEI DATI PERSONALI)
– It’s a further right to obtain from the Holder confirm that data processing is or not in progress and obtain following information : purposes, data processing categories, recipients or recipient categories and all the info about.

For any necessary information and to exercise your rights please contact

This legislation for data processing and use of cookies it’s been drafted in may 26, 2018 and could be integrated and modified according changes and variations in national and international legislations applicable.

The Holder

Orange srl


To ensure the proper functioning of this site sometimes will be requested to install some little files called “cookies”. Also, the most part of the big sites do it the same.

What are Cookies?
A cookie is a little text file that websites save on your pc or device browsing. This file has the purpose to remember your preferences (login, language and other settings) for the next time you browse in.

How cookies work
We use the cookies to remember:
– displaying preferences like contrast setting or font size
– if you already reply to a pop-up survey about utility of contents to avoid submitting to you again
– if you have already given your authorization for cookies use
In addition, some videos in our pages use a cookie compiles statistics in anonymous way on how you are arrived on that pages and which videos you play.
Is not necessary to authorize cookies because the website works but do it help browsing.
Is possible remove or block cookies but in this case is possible some functions of the website don’t work properly.
Information about cookies is not used to identify users and all browsing data stay always under our control. These cookies need only for the purposes above descripted.

How to control cookies?
You can control and/or verify cookies as you wish, to lean more go to
You can remove cookies already present in the computer and set almost all browser to stop install cookies. Choosing this option, you need to modify manually some preferences every time you visit our website and is possible some functions or services are not available.